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“Things do not happen TO you. They happen THROUGH you.
You are the co-creator of everything in your reality.”

Gordana Biernat

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62 Mega purpose is to help with the understanding of what it is to live with longevity. The body needs the right minerals and nutrients for natural cleansing. This can help to vibe (vibrate) at a Higher frequency. Attracting the things you want and need in life. "It's a life style"


Your Mind, Body and Spirit tells you something's not right or off balance and polluted. Some signs can be headaches, tiredness, forgetfulness, behavior issues, joint pain, soreness, rashes, acne, fungus issues, bad breathe etc. All attracting negative energy. These can be signs of a need to cleansed. So take back control with help from 62 Mega.

Stay Active

With new found power get out there and move that body! Challenge yourself and prevail. Using 62 Mega products can help enhance your abilities to go further, faster and stronger in every way.